The diversity of Natural Areas within the territory of Castile and León has made it to be considered as the region with larger nature unity within Western Europe. In 1991 Castile and León Regional Government managed the legal framework enabling the protection and regulation of those areas standing out for their nature value. Castile and León has, at the present, 40 Nature Parks within Castile and León Nature Parks Programme, protected by the Network of Natural Areas – an extraordinary patchwork characterized by environmental diversity and quality in a territory where the mountain, the plains and the riversides give place to a wide range of ecosystems related to the fauna, flora and, above all to a setting where population settlements live together within the same Natural Area. Within the boundaries of the Geopark four areas are included in the Network of Natural Areas; one Natural Park, two Natural Areas and one SPAB occupying a significant part of the Geopark surface:

  1. Ebro and Rudrón Gorges Natural Park.
  2. Las Tuerces Natural Area. Protected landscape and Natural monument.
  3. Covalagua Natural Area. Protected landscape and Natural monument.
  4. Humada-Peña Amaya SPAB


Ebro and Rudrón gorges Natural Park



Las Tuerces Natural Area



Covalagua Natural Area



Humada Peña Amaya Special Protected Area for Birds